I’ve had a varied career since I graduated with a Graphic Design degree in 1993. I’ve worked as a concept artist and designer, storyboard artist, director,  illustrator, production designer and art department in film, television, commercials, pop promos, videogames and events.
I started out as a runner on a TV show in 1994. From this I worked my way upwards into various art departments on commercials, promos and TV until by the late 90s I was an art director and production designer. Around this time I was also starting to storyboard commercials as well as creating pitch visuals for ad agencies and events companies.
During the 00s I was working with Neal Scanlan (who I would later go on to work with on Star Wars) doing concept and character design on kids TV shows and movie projects. Around 2004 I was getting an insane amount of storyboard work and decided I would focus on this over production design.
By 2007 I’d been storyboarding for 10 years and worked on hundreds of ads, some TV drama and a few small features. That year, one of of my clients I’d been boarding viral ads for -  The Viral Factory - asked me to direct an animated ad for Samsung. This got over 10 million views at the time and earned me a D&AD Yellow Pencil. I went on to direct various other weird online ads with The Viral Factory and was subsequently represented as a commercials director with Outsider in 2012. This career path only lasted another year as in the summer of 2013 I got a call from Neal Scanlan asking if I’d like to join the Creature FX department on Star Wars as a Concept Designer.
For the next 5 years I worked mainly on the new films at Pinewood designing hundreds of aliens and droids including the iconic BB8, Porgs, D-0 and Rey’s Speeder. In between these I also provided character design and development for Artemis Fowl and Dolittle as well as concept work on WW2 horror Overlord and 10 Cloverfield Lane.
Since finishing on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, I’ve got back into storyboarding again, working on Venom 2, Tomb Raider 2 and Raised By Wolves for Scott Free. I’ve also been working with Factory 42 on character designs for a forthcoming augmented reality experience with London’s Science and Natural History Museums.

STAR WARS The Rise of Skywalker - Lucasfilm - Creature Concept Designer - 2017-18
DOLITTLE - Universal - Concept Artist - 2017
ARTEMIS FOWL - Disney - Concept Artist - 2017
OVERLORD - Paramount/Bad Robot - Concept Artist - 2017
STAR WARS Solo - Lucasfilm - Creature Concept Designer - 2016-17
STAR WARS The Last Jedi - Lucasfilm - Creature Concept Designer - 2015-16
10 CLOVERFIELD LANE - Paramount/Bad Robot - Concept Artist - 2015
STAR WARS Rogue One - Lucasfilm - Creature Concept Designer - 2014-15
FLYSPY - Flatcap Films (short) - Concept Designer - 2014
STAR WARS The Force Awakens - Lucasfilm - Creature Concept Designer - 2013-14
DOWNHILL - Outsider - Chapter Animations Illustrator - 2012
CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Warner Bros - Animatronic Design Concepts - 2003

STAR WARS - upcoming Cassian Andor series - Lucasfilm - TV - Creature Concept Designer - 2020
CARNIVAL ROW 2 - Stillking - TV - Character Concepts - 2019
TBA AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE - Factory 42 - Character Design - 2019
EDEKA 2117 - MJZ - commercial - Character Design - 2017
TBA Children’s TV - Foundling Bird - Character Design - 2016
REEFWORLDS - Theme Park - Concept Design - 2012, 2013, 2016
TOYOTA - Outsider - commercial - Character Design - 2012
SAMSUNG - The Viral Factory - commercial - Character Design - 2012
ROLY MO & LITTLE BO - Novel Entertainment - Character Design - 2003, 2004
DON’T EAT THE NEIGHBOURS - Granada Media - Character Design - 1999-2000

various other jobs since late 90s for commercials, online content and live events with
The Viral Factory, Outsider, RSA, M&C Saatchi, BBH, The Persuaders, Cake Media/Havas, NP+Co, Publicis
for brands including
FIAT, Samsung, Carlsberg, John Lewis, Selfridges, BMW, MINI, Coca-Cola, Renault, Glenmorangie, Guinness

TOMB RAIDER 2 - Feature - MGM - Ben Wheatley - 2020
VENOM 2 - Feature - Sony - Andy Serkis -2019
RAISED BY WOLVES - TV series - Film Afrika/Scott Free - Luke Scott - 2019
SNAKE AND MONGOOSE - feature - Wayne Holloway - 2012
GREAT EXPECTATIONS - BBC drama - Brian Kirk - 2011
CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle - Psycho - commercial - Joe Wright - 2010
JAMES BOND 007 Bloodstone - Activision/Bizarre - videogame - 2009
BLUR - Activision/Bizarre - videogame - 2008
FAQ ABOUT TIME TRAVEL - feature - Gareth Carrivick - 2008
INTO THE STORM - TV feature - Thaddeus O’Sullivan - 2008
WHITECHAPEL - TV drama - David Evans - 2008

2019 Commercials
Samsung (MPC), Leroy Merlin (MJZ), Apple (MJZ), Dubai Expo (MPC), Lexus (MPC),
Orchard Thieves (MPC), Palace Juventas (MPC)

previous commercials clients:
MJZ, MPC Creative, RSA, Stink, Knucklehead, Amarillo, BBC, Blink, Partizan,
Independent, Outsider, BBC/Red Bee, Sky, Rogue, Shine, The Viral Factory, Patricia Murphy Films
agency boards for:
Mother, M&C Saatchi, BBH, Publicis, VCCP
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